Ellen R. Hoffman, MA, LPCC

As an embodied, relational, Gestalt therapist I focus on co-creating a trusting, supportive space where you feel seen, respected, and heard. I will meet you with curiosity, openness, and a nonjudgemental stance. I will support increasing your awareness of your strengths, gifts, and uniqueness, while collaborating with you to identify habits and patterns that are no longer useful or effective in helping you meet your needs.

I combine talk therapy with attention to embodiment, I.e. what is your bodily, felt experience in the moment? By expanding your awareness and experience of your breath, and patterns of muscular holding, gestures, and movement in the moment, the depth and impact of your therapy can be greatly increased. (it is possible to increase the depth and impact of your therapy). Working with embodiment does not require any prior expertise, just your openness to experiencing something new.The body-oriented facet of our work will be collaboratively explored, with your explicit consent.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can see if we are a good fit.